Five Comfortable Years Come To An End

For the last five years, I've been firmly planted at the headquarters of my current employer, a large US printer. HQ is the hub of software development and IT. Unlike so many of my HackerNews and Jabbr comrades, I feel very comfortable in the corporate environment. I live and breathe the .NET stack and enjoy my little spot in the cube farm.

However, after having my second child a few months ago, my wife and I both felt compelled to be closer to family. Back when we didn't have kids, it was easy to make a day trip back 'home' to hang out, between two and four hours drive. Even with just one kid, it was reasonable to sneak out for a quick weekend. However, with the baggage of two kids it became less and less practical to travel for short periods. In the end, we felt isolated and I am sure my wife, who stays home with the kids full time, felt overwhelmed with the limited support network.

So, we decided to pack up and move south. In fact, I am only a few short days from working remotely, full time.

And I am scared.

To be fair, my working remotely is really only working remotely, lite. In fact, I will still be working from an office that my company owns, with other full-time employees at the same time. What I wont have IT co-workers to bounce ideas off of. I wont have the ability to occasionally force managers to address key decisions face-to-face. And I wont have a nice cafeteria to walk to when my brain seems to shut down at 2PM after working on a difficult problem.

Instead, I'll be in a small satellite office with folks I've never worked with before, in an area of the business wholly apart from the technical wizardry we routinely perform at HQ.

I don't know what the future brings, but I am sure it will include new opportunities and challenges, alike. Regardless, I'm going to make a point to document how this goes and we'll see if I'm up for the remote-work life :)